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I have just received your Robin Wood hatchet and have been using it on some dry cherry to rough out a spoon blank. I must tell you that it is every bit as wonderful as Robin said in his initial review. It is light and can be 'choked 'up on for delicate shaping/carving due to the beard on it, yet still has the heft and handle length to take a decent chunk of wood when desired. The dry cherry is not the easiest wood to do this with, but the axe has managed it beautifully. Looking forward to some green wood to work in future too. All together a great purchase and one I will be enjoying long after the pain of passing over the cash has passed. Please thank all involved in the creation of the axe and let them know their labours are appreciated. 

Michael Frizell.

Michael Frizell/Canada, Vancouver (Robin Wood Carving Axe)


Mr. Vilister has already captured the attention of about 20 archers at the local archer center here in Calgary. This bow is the talk around the shop. Please pass this on to him along with my thanks for his efforts in creating such a beautiful bow.


The bow shoots very well. With the heavy draw, it hurls the arrows with a tremendous amount of energy finished off with a very distinctive sound upon release that had many people turning their heads while we
were all shooting.

Jesse Lumsden, Athlete/Canadian Olympic Bobsleeder / Longbow "Firebird"


I am a man who owns too many axes, it must be around 100 or so including a dozen by Gransfors Bruks, many antique English ones from the heyday or the British tool industry and perhaps some of my favourites a dozen or so antique hand forged laminated Japanese axes. I use axes every day to carve wood, I have carved in many countries on three continents and taught a great many people to carve. I was taught to use an axe 25 years ago when apprenticed to a forester who learnt his trade before chainsaws. I have used carving axes made by Gransfors Bruks, Svante Djarve, Hans Karlsson, Steffan Ronquist, Nic Westerman and cut and ground my own designs from axes that were not what I wanted so I have plenty to compare to and a good idea of what makes a good carving axe.

Last summer I discovered the website for Northmen and for a while chatted with Jacob the carpenter who does much of the design work and fits the handles and leatherwork, eventually we worked out a design for a new carving axe that would have all the qualities I was looking for. By this time though they had a wonderful YouTube video showing how their tools were made, it went viral and they were swamped with orders.

Well that just made me want my axe even more. Eventually the guys got on top of their backlog and I was told my axe was in the forge. By now I was so keen there was no way this tool was ever going to live up to expectations, and then it arrived, and surpassed all my wildest hopes. Just look at it.

Looking gorgeous is no good if it doesn’t work so I took it straight to the workshop to see what it could do. It is lighter than many carving axes but has the same length cutting edge as the heavier Gransfors. It has the pointy tip that I love from the Gransfors but the long beard I love from the Japanese axes. When you own a hundred axes any new one has to be pretty good to get a look in, already this one has become my favourite, I use it for everything.

Robin Wood/Green woodworker,woodcarver/UK (Carving Axe "Robin Wood")


This is the holy Grail of axes.  I have been hewing for 35 years.  In those years I have purchased axes looking for the perfect axe that would  make hewing efficient, effective and fun.  I believe after purchasing countless axes the search is now over.  
From the time of order to the time of delivery took 3 months, which is what should be expected when ordering a custom made axe.   The axe had some surprises such as this burned into the handle. I dont't know if every axe they make will have this little personalized feature but I recommend they continue it.  It won me over.

The axe is larger than the Gransfors 1900 axe.  The handle is slightly longer also.  It, however is all proportional.  I did not find the handle too long, nor the axe too short. I have compared the Northman axe is between both the Gransfors model 1900 axe and the Pennsylvania pattern axe the I have used to do most of my hewing these 35 years. Northman axe is larger than the Gransfors but smaller than the Pennsylvania pattern axe.  Size, however, means little in the world of hewing.  The Northman axe is faster than the Gransfors and much simpler to use than the Pennsylvania pattern single beveled axe.

The Northman axe produces a near flawless surface. No unsightly catches, no splintery surfaces. The surface is smooth.  Little skill is required in learning how to use this axe. Working with the Norhman axe has left me wondering why all these years I have been fascinated with single beveled axes while clearly the Northmen's Bearded axe leaves them all in the dust with the ease with which one can hew with this double beveled axe. With this axe has nailed it.  Which leaves me wondering -- are all his axes and chisels this far ahead of the rest.

This Bearded axe is so easy to use, even novices can become proficient in hewing in no time.  I have not tried scoring and juggling with this axe.  I am sure the axe can handle it well.  It, however, does so well hewing that I do not want to risk damaging  the cutting bit simply hacking away waste.

How often does an axe come along that both gives a superior finished surface and saves one time.  I have a whole assortment of axes that have not lived up to my expectations.  This axe exceeded my expectations and I look forward to many happy years of using it.

My recommendation is that if one wants a Northman axe, purchase now.  Once people are aware of the quality of these axes, the wait will become long and the price high. Nice work.  I love the axe.


Michael Beaudry, Hewer/Timber Framer/USA (Bearded Eye Broad Axe)


I received the axes today, and yet again I am speechless. The artistry and craftsmanship are out of this world! I cannot wait to order some more tools from you. But I think there are others waiting! I’ll be back for sure.

Is it dangerous to sleep with these axes? They are so beautiful that I do not want to let them out of my sight. Cannot wait to put them to work. 

Thanks for all you do! I

John Ledington/USA, California (Carpenter Axe, Robin Wood Carver Axe)


I received the knife yesterday.  My husband loves it.  He says the balance is very nice in his hand. Loves the wood handle with the grain, a real piece of art!  Thank you, it was worth the wait.

Susan Evans /Canada, Ontario (Scandi Brother #1 Silver Steel)


We received the knife and my husband was blown away! I couldn't have imaged a more beautiful knife. 

Thank you for your beautiful work!

Katie Kelly/USA, Florida (Scandi Brother #2. Damascus,)


Thanks for sending the Axe, nice job. The cutting edge is very large, which makes it's cutting action very smooth. Not too heavy on the hands either ! The handle works well and the sheath is very well designed also. No bad points from me, thanks for the inscription that's for future years memories.

Also thanks for the tea!

Jed Warman/UK, Monmouth (Robin Wood Carving Axe)


Package received! Now I have to brake the barrier of starting using this beauty 

Roman Muntyanu/Ukraine (Carpenter Axe)


I have received my package today. My knife was very artistic. And a leather case was also the beautiful finish. I would like to use this treasure through my life. I'm thankful that you made this for me.

Yuichi Tanaka/Japan Aichi Pref (Scandi Brother #1. Damascus)


I've got it!  The knife is so beautiful I almost wouldn't dare using it. 

Ralf Demesmaeker/Australia, Adelaide (Scandi Brother #1. Damascus)


Wow, that is my first reaction. I own Wetterlings, Hultafors, and Gransfors Bruks axes, all fantastic but none can hold a candle to the hatchet I just received from you. It is beautiful and perfect in every way.  The balance and feel in my hand is perfect. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful tool that I will cherish for life and then pass on. I could not be more pleased. You are true craftsmen.

Alan Palomba/USA Texas (Northlander Hatchet)


The two Damascus blades arrived yesterday. Thank you - they are excellent!

Nick McNeil/Australia, Adelaide (Scandi Brother #2. Damascus, Scandi Brother #3. Damascus)


Received the axe today. It's great. I am very excited and can't wait to start using it. Thanks!

James Curl/USA, CA (Robin Wood Carving Axe)


The 'Axe' arrived today! It is a beautifully handcrafted tool! You and your 'Lettland Forest Craftsmen' create functional Art. Thank you so much. The Axe will become one of my most cherished possessions.

From what I can see, 'The Lettland Crew' have a simple philosophy. It has to be perfect or it doesn't leave the Shop. The Axe Bit, edge Hone, Haft, Makers Mark, laser engraving and sheath are all perfect. Even the packaging is perfect.

As a customer, I can't ask anymore from a 'handcrafted' tool. You have exceeded my expectations! Anyone considering themselves a Craftsman could learn a lot from the the folks at Northmen.

Thank you again for the great Birthday present. I look forward to receiving the "8th Century Viking Battle AXE" reproduction. Maybe it will arrive in-time for my 62 Birthday? :)

Warmest best regards,

James L. Kuhn/Owner-Operator Greenside Up Productions/USA, Merritt Island (Robin Wood Carving Axe)


I picked up my knife today. It is beautiful. The size is perfect for wood carving and other such activities. I have never owned a damascus blade before this.

Mark Richardson/USA, Sylvania (Finnish Puukko. Little. Damascus)


I received my axes in Canada. I wanted to tell you they are absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is amazing. The wait was truly worth the reward. I will enjoy them the rest of my life. 

Many thanks!

Joseph Campbell/Canada, Ontario (Finnish Splitting Axe OR Finnish Splitting Maul, Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”) 


These knives are unbelievable! Well worth the wait. I gave 2 of them as gifts to a couple buddies who were shocked and after watching your videos were so grateful to now own such functional tools/masterpieces.

Mike Reid/USA, CT (Scandi Brother #2. Damascus, Scandi Brother #2. Elmax, Scandi Brother #2. Silver Steel)


The knife is awesome. I'm not sure if it's perfect but it's without a doubt the best knife I've tried so far. Right now I'm using your knives and a couple of Masakages (high quality Japanese handmade knives) - gyuto 240mm and petty 150mm.

Your knife is very different from the Masakages I own, it's a bit heavier, more robust, holds the edge around 3 times longer and I find it easier to sharpen. I'm very very pleased with it! It's also very beautiful, a piece of art for sure.

I wish I could tell you how you could improve it but I can't find a any flaw in this one. Congratulations, I don't think I'm ever going to get tired or feeling like I need a better main knife again.

Carlos Santiago/Portugal, Lisbon (Japanese Gyuto 8.5”)


I would like to thank everyone at your shop. I just received one of your double tongue black leather belts. It was a present from my parents. This belt is very nice and well made. I will use it every day! Now I have to work on getting one of your fantastic knives! Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Blair Hollshwandner/USA, PA (Leather belt. Double Tongue. Black)


For a week or so I received the splitting maul from you, and as i've first seen it, i had a feeling it is not from this world! :) Thank you very much! I will put money to side to enjoy also other beautiful tools from you.

Justin Stancu/Germany, Karlsruhe (Finnish Splitting Maul)


First I hope you guys are well!
Two weeks ago the long awaited package has arrived. I wrapped it out right away. Drooling :).
What a beauty! In every aspect she is just perfect. No other maul I had in my hands was so nice. Period. Fantastic workmanship. Best handle ever. Super nice grain. Really top heavy like it should be. And it´s an absolute work horse. Soulful!
I just love it! Thanks so much Jacob and please keep going that top notch work. Don´t expand too much to keep that top notch level!

At any time I will give my Neeman axes to my son. Generation overlapping!

Stefan Richle/Austria, Ampass (Finnish Splitting Maul)


By the way, for a little over a year I have been using the Chef 7.5" Damascus I received from you guys. I love this knife! It travels with me. I take it to other people’s house when I know I'll be in the kitchen because I know they won't have anything to compare. Not to mention how few people really understand "sharp". Another interesting aspect is the knife is also my wife's favorite. And she's a lefty with hands a third smaller than mine!

Please pass thanks to everyone at Northmen for their care, effort and passion. It matters. 

Michael Gatling/USA, MA (Chef 7.5” Damascus)


I just wanted to tell you that we received the axe and knife and couldn't be more pleased with both of them. They are absolute works of art and worth waiting for. The axe is so beautiful that my husband doesn't know if he'll be able to bring himself to actually use it this fall to split wood.

Thank you, and your crew, for continuing the amazing tradition of hand forged tools. The quality of your products is unsurpassed. We'll be in touch with you again soon for some kitchen knives :)

Jennifer Hoogstra/USA, NY (Finnish Splitting Maul, Scandi Brother #1 Damascus)


I just received my Hunter's (damascus) knife. I couldn't be more pleased with it. My girl friend, who knows little and cares less about knives, has been looking at it for the last 15 minutes and won't give it back. She keeps muttering, "My God, this thing is s0 beautiful". A good job well done! 

Thank you. - Jim

Jim Shugart/USA, VA (Hunters knife. Damascus)


The knife arrived! And it is very handsome. Thank you for the black leather sheath with the darker wood handle.

Thank you very much. I do like them very much.

Adrian Pulfer/USA, UT (Hunters knife. Damascus)


The balance  and edge of the carving axe is exceptional. I have a Gransfors Bruks and Wetterling carving axes - your axe has for the most part shelved the use of the other two.

I have not had the occasion to use the froe yet. It is heavier than others that I’ve used, which will help with its function I am sure. I will invest in a forest axe for limbing downed trees as my next purchase.

Scott Jerabek/USA, WI (Carving Axe “Robin Wood”, Splitting froe. 14”)


All arrived safe and sound, many thanks for such beautiful works of practical art, I can’t wait to use this weekend. Look forward to ordering from you again soon. 

Cheers, David

David Robinson/Australia, Norwood (Bow, Quiver and Armguard)


I received my knife and it's gorgeous!!!

Philippe Charron/Canada, Quebec (Chef 7.5” Damascus)


I just got the package, thanks a lot for this awesome knife! It is really a fine blade! And the box and wall-mount is also just perfect!

Please give my regards also to the carpenter and Bladesmith as well.

Vinzenz Spaeth/Germany, Freiburg (Chef 7.5” Damascus)


I do love the Elmax Scandi that I received last month.  Truly a piece of fine tool art.

Brent Pack/USA, MN (Hunters knife. Damascus)


Up until today, my main knife has always been my trusty Helle. It's not my most expensive knife, but it's reliable and more importantly it's always felt good in my hand. A lot of the more expensive knives that I've bought look beautiful but they're not comfortable and suck when you actually try to use them as a knife. One of them actually had the tip break off when I was using it on a three week hike in the Appalachian mountains. I use my knives every day, so feel and effectiveness are the most important things to me. (The fact that your knife is also beautiful is just an added benefit.) I know you're going to say I'm crazy but the knife I received today feels like it was made just for my hand. Not to mention how well balanced it is. Awesome... Love the Elmax steel too. Double Awesome. And I'd be lying if I told you I hadn't already taken it over to a friends house earlier and tested it on a hog he was processing to see how it'd perform in actual use. And all I can say again is "Wow". Great tool... Thanks for the update on my other knife. I can't wait to see it and use it. I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. 

As for the axe thing, I have a Gransfors Bruks hatchet I use a good bit, and I've gotta be honest, it's a nice little hatchet. This last year however, I finally came to the realization that a hatchet just isn't going to cut it anymore. I'm spending more time in the wilderness these days and I'm getting older, so I need an axe. (A real axe.) And after the knife I received from you guys today I think that this axe is going to be a Northmen axe. I'm looking for a good, sharp, durable medium sized axe for chopping wood and debris while I'm in the wilderness. And because I spend extended amounts of time in the wilderness and/or hiking I need it to be somewhat portable. Is there a particular axe that you make that you would recommend for me? Sorry for all of the questions but it's just so rare to find true craftsman these days that I'm pretty excited today. I hope you're having a nice day and thanks again for everything. 

Kevin Britting/USA, SC (Hunters knife. Elmax)


I intended to write this message a week ago, just to thank you for helping me with my axe problems. My new Stalwart arrived last Monday, just a  few days after you posted it; and it arrived just in time too! The reason why this message is later than intended is because my State was hit by a severe cyclone (Hurricane in Europe?) and we have been without power for the last week. The axe has already seen a lot of use, I have had to fell several trees and branches that were knocked over on my property. The axe is fantastic, and I just thought you should know how much I appreciate all your effort.

Ben Sweeney/Australia, New South Wales (Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”)


The belt is amazing especially the finish pattern.

The knife works very well for small wood working. The shape of the handle is the best and the most comfortable i have ever used. Very cool for long work. May be the edge is a little too thin . It is really sharp but a little too sensitive. 
Highly recommended craftsmen!!!

Guillaume Compin/France, Metz-Tessy (Scandi Brother #2. Elmax wildlife knife, Leather belt walnut brown)


Just a wanted to say thanks, package arrived safely, axe is surely a work of art...

Saving up for next year:)

Trevor John Pfister/Norway, Bergen (Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”. Gloss)


This knife arrived two days ago. It is fantastic! I am very impressed by the quality of workmanship on this. It is almost too nice to use, but it will be used often and cared for with much respect for the artistry that went into it.

Lee Kirkpatrick/Canada, Whitehorse (Hunters knife. Elmax)


Finally - I have received the knife today. I unpacked it and was sitting for a little while handling, turning, cutting, watching, stunning... I was so overwhelmed by the design and quality of it. Verry well done!

Heiko Linke/Germany, Bieberstein (Scandi Brother #2. Damascus)


I received the knife today and it is gorgeous!!! You did SO good:) I can't even imagine being able to make something like that. It will definitely be something that we keep forever and hand down to generations to come. When we're all gone your workmanship will still be here! What a testimony to you and your amazing talent. And my husband loved it! I think I've won many points with him:) Thanks again for everything!

Rebekah Lipe/USA, MT (Scandi Brother #1. Damascus) 


The package has just arrived, and I must say it was really worth being patient: this is one of the best pieces of craftsmanship I have had the pleasure of  holding in my hand. Thank you very much indeed for this incredibly beautiful knife.

Philippe Plumecocq/France, Orléans (Small Knife)


I just received the knife and it's absolutely beautiful! My father is so happy with it!

Thanks again to all the Northmen crew!

Mathias Sifon Catala/France, Paris (Small Knife)


Thank you so much for your help, time, flexibility, hard-work – Everything! You truly are an amazing group with an amazing craft.

We will forever think of you with a belt that will probably outlast us! :) 

Thanks again! We look forward to future Northmen!

Christy Aumer/USA, CO (Leather belt. X Small. Walnut brown)


I just received my belt. The craftsmanship is amazing, and it fits perfectly. I am proud to wear it and it appears it will be bulletproof for many years. I appreciate and drool over the handcrafted products you offer and I will have to start saving for a knife!  Thanks much! 

Paul Dudley/USA, TN (Leather belt. Double Tongue. X Large. Saddle Tan)


My order of the Hunting Knife and the 7" Chef's knife arrived today.  They are more beautiful than I ever imagined.  Thank you for the care that went into their creation.

James Hughes/USA, ME (Hunters knife. Damascus and Chef 7.5” Damascus)


The knife is stunning beyond words!  Kudos to you and your team for the suburb craftsmanship and artistry!  My son was the one who turned me on to you guys via a like on a FaceBook video.  I bought this as a gift for him.  He has no clue about it and I can't wait to see his face when I give it to him for his birthday or Christmas.  It will be a wonderful surprise and will serve as a family heirloom.  Thanks so much for this amazing tool and work of art.

Ed Vanderbilt/USA, TX (Hunters knife. Damascus)


Thank everyone for us who was involved in the making of our retirement gift for Bill Moran. We received the knife in time to find a box (gift wine box) to present it in - and he loves it!

Aileen Poehls/USA, CA (Hunters knife. Damascus)


We received the knife yesterday and to say that it was worth the wait would be a huge understatement. The knife is absolutely perfect and beautifully crafted. He was completely thrilled and blown away. Thank you!

Corinne Fisk/USA, NY (Scandi Brother #1. Damascus)


Hey Jacob!

Just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing piece of art! It worked exactly like I was hoping it would for skinning! I caped out 7 deer and 8 turkey! Still razor sharp! Thank You Lucas


Lucas Grantham/USA (Elmax Hunters/Skinner Knife)


Received the knife today.

What a beautiful piece of art work. Thank you so much it will be cherished for a long time through my family.

Seth Rockwell/USA (Scandi Brother Demascus 1 Knife)


Dear Jacob & Crew

Today my knife turned up in the post. It arrived safely. I am very pleased with it. Thank you very much I will have this knife for the rest of my life.

Kind regards

Jon Row/UK (Scandi Brother Demascus 1 Knife)


Good morning.

I have never held such a wonderful tool in my hands. The build quality and finish on the tools is extraordinary.



Jim/USA (Goosewing Hewing Axe)


Hello Jacob,

I just received my axe today!! She is sooooo wonderful!! Thank you so much.

Fabien/France (Baltic Carpenter Axe)


Thank you very much. The box arrived today and it was all that we expected. One of the belts will go to my friend Jordan, who is training to be a firefighter, and the other to my Dad.

Mark Mitchell/USA  (Leather Belt)


Again, I just cannot thank you enough for the beautiful work on our felling Axe. I just cannot wait to use it! I go home every day and just look and hold it for a while. I just love it! I would very much like to continue to support your philosophy on craftsmanship and the love you put into your work.

Eric Mcfarland/USA (American Felling Axe)


The Axe arrived today and is perfect. You do amazing work. Until now I have not been able to find anything made with this quality and mastery. You are all true master craftsman and I am proud to say I own a piece of your work. I hope to buy more from you in the future. Kindest regards and thanks

Forrest Ringwood/USA (American Felling Axe)



Just a thank you note. Received the axe on December 24 and made an excellent Christmas Present. What a very beautiful axe I received. The craftsmanship was absolutely superb. Thank you so very much for the fast shipping and the excellent service and communications that I have received from you. Wishing you and all those at Northmen a Very Happy New Year.

James J. Stafford/USA (Northlander Forest Axe)


I had to tell you the package arrived yesterday (Christmas Eve) and I couldn't be more impressed. Both the axe and the knife are beautiful and even more than expected. I decided to give them both as gifts to my brothers because the tools are so special.

I'd like to get back in queue for another order…

Brandon Kenny/USA (Northlander Forest Axe ‘Stalwart’, Scandi Brother Laminated 1 Knife)


Jacob, Man - thank you again for making the knife. My brother in law literally said it was the best gift he has ever received…

Josh Bodinet/USA (Scandi Brother Demascus 1 Knife)


Received the knife today. What a beautiful piece of art work. Thank you so much it will be cherished for a long time through my family.

Seth Rockwell/USA (Scandi Brother Damascus 1)


I received the knife today, its stunning! 

Your hard work and craftsmanship is amazing. Thank your crew of craftsman for me and let them know a job well done!

Much Appreciated

Brandon StehlingUSA/ (Scandi Brother Laminated 2)


Dear Jacob, Thank you so much! It’s Amazing!!!

Anja Weißinger/Denmark (Elmax Steel Chefs Knife 11.5")


I just received the knife today. It is beautiful and I'm so happy to have it. I can't wait to get into the kitchen to use it.

Thank you again. I will use and treasure this knife for the rest of my life.

Adam Knapp/USA (Elmax Steel Chefs Knife 9.5")


Received the package with knives. All ok. Knives are excellent. Well done!!! Now waiting for the rest of my order. Thank you for now.

Marek Szymankiewicz/Poland (Elmax Steel Chefs Knife 11.5", Scandi Brother Damascus 1 Knife)


Thank all of you for making these beautiful kitchen tools for my wife she loves them. And I might add these are the best knifes I have ever seen. What a great heirloom this will be! Again thank all of you.

Mark W. Patten/USA (Set Of 6 Elmax Steel Kitchen knives)


Hi Gentleman, The knives arrived and are stunning! Thank you for all your hard work crafting them, they will surely be used for a lifetime if not more. My mom, whom they are for LOVES them! They will be heirlooms for certain! Keep up the good work.

Kurt Mathieson/USA (Set Of 6 Elmax Steel Kitchen knives)


My knife arrived yesterday and I must say it was exquisite! It is a beautiful piece of workmanship! All the same I still adore it. Thank you very much!

Ed Lee/Canada (Damascus steel 7.5" Chefs Knife)


Jacob, The package arrived yesterday. Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate the craftwork and the finish. I really love the knife and the belts. It will be hard to give them up to my dad. Keep up the great work, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Stephen Merz/Germany (Leather belts, Scandi Brother Damascus 1 Knife)


Jacob, I have received the tools and they are fantastic.As I expected, neither your pictures nor your videos do justice to your tools when finally seen in person. They are amazing Jacob and are every bit as much a work of art as they are magnificent tools. Thank you so very much. Now I am looking forward to my next set from you even more than I was before.

Fred West/USA (Set of 5 Timber Framing Tools, Peeling Drawknife, Carpenters Drawknife, Broad Axe, American Felling Axe, Hatchet, Timber Framing Mallet)


Jacob, Every thing arrived today safe and sound and they are beautiful! 

Paul Phelps/USA (Set of 5 Timber Framing Tools)


I received my order just a few hours ago. The leather belt looks so awesome! 

Juyong Jang/South Korea (Leather Belt)


The knife has arrived. Such beauty and craftsmanship! Thank you so very much

Kim Mauney/USA(Scandi Brother Damascus #1)


Thank you so much for the beautiful knife you made for me. I have shown it off to everyone I could and have given them your information.It is more than I expected. You do wonderful work. I will be ordering another soon.Sincerely,

Chuck DeRouen/USA(Scandi Brother Damascus #1)


Hi Jacob, I received my order today. These are some of the most beautifully crafted tools I have seen. I am very happy with them, and will recommend you guys to other carpenters here. Thank you very much, well done, and God bless you.

Tim Haydon, St Joseph's Carpentry/AU(Carpenters Axe, Broad Axe, Chisels)


Hello Jacob, Today was a great day!! My Northman order arrived and I'm in heaven. I mentioned before and now it comes true the craftsmanship, the quality, the beauty. It's as if each piece is wanting to be used,put to work,all that alone is plenty but, unlike anything I've bought before I can sense the unseen, particularly the axes, they posses a "soul" a "spirit" given to them by the maker, part of him or them is in each one for me to own these amazing examples of a tool, our fore fathers used to shape their lives and America, is huge. Just like most people, I think of the future but, I also spend time looking and reflecting into the past. These axes serve as a "window". With the Small Northlander, I will have axes for any and all occasions. Lots of things buzzing around in my head...lucky, fortunate, proud, it goes on. Thank everyone who helped make this happen. I wish only good things for everyone at Northmen.

Mike Chipman/USA(Stalwart, Hatchet, Scandi Brother #2 Laminated, Belt)


I received the axe. It is too nice to use! I am going to put it on the wall above my fireplace. All of my friends want one.Thanks,

Tom Starke/USA(American Felling Axe)


Jacob,My order came in and everything is great. You're dedication to quality is unparalleled in anything else I've seen. Great work. I'm excited to take it to wood I've had drying. Thank you again.

Alexander Tucker/USA(Goosewing, Butchers Axe, Froe, Wildlife knives, Logdogs, Peeling Drawknife)


The belts arrived today. Thanks Jacob you should be proud of yourself to be able to make something that will last a lifetime. Leather smells lovely. I look forward to purchasing more items from Northmen.

Anthony Hogan/USA(belts)


I just wanted to let you know that I got the axes and they are awesome. Thank you so much for all your great work on these beautiful axes. I hope I can order another one soon. Thanks again

Gary Lundberg/USA(American Felling Axes)


My Scandi Elmax blade is easily THE best knife in my vast collection. The knife balances function and form. It exudes quality, but not so much that you are afraid to actually use it. The craftsmanship is second to none. The leather work and stitching is fantastic. The spine is thick enough to ensure strength but still thin enough as to not encourage excess friction when skinning. You can tell the blade is handmade without noticing any imperfections, which is an important aspect of owning a blade of this kind. Curly birch grip feels light and soft. The bolster, perhaps one of the most difficult areas to keep neat on handmade blades, is extremely clean which is very impressive. All parts of the blade are incredibly sharp including the edge and tip all the way to the point which remain consistent. I am extremely happy with my knife. It's better than any North American blade I own. Very impressive! Thank you!

Kylan Walters/USA (Scandi Brother #3 Elmax, satin finish)


Love the knife. Cuts really great, feels good, great aesthetic. Couldn't be better.

Corey Fair, Chef, owner at www.butcherandbakerstore.com/USA (Elmax Chef 9.5") 


Chisels arrived.  Quite perfect and very beautiful.  Used them the day they arrived.  I like the unpolished finish, the weight and balance, the handles. I liked everything.  Thanks! Best wishes to your tool making crew.

Joy Marcotte/UK (Framing Chisels)


The tools arrived last Thursday so thanks for that! Regarding to tools themselves and their performance, firstly I am absolutely delighted with the corner chisel both in performance and the overall feel of the tool! The quality of your tools is excellent and I will certainly recommend you to other carpenters! 

Jacke Duckworth, "Traditional Oak Carpentry"/UK (Framing Chisels)


Finally, Kirk and I were in a 3-day TF class this week where i had the pleasure of using your tools. What a FANTASTIC experience it was using your tools. The performance of the chisels were unmatched by the other chisels used in the class, and others were interested in your tools as well. It was amazing how these tools kept their edge, and they were never sharpened during the class while we had to sharpen the other chisels used. BTW, your website and movies are just as beautiful as your tools.

Mike/Texas Timber Framing Workshop (Set of 3 Timber Framing Tools)


I did receive my new broad axe. It is a piece of Art. My complement for great blacksmithing craftsmanship and also for your work on the woodwork. This axe is a Heirloom which I hope to pass down to my Son and Daughter when I can not work with wood any more...

Javier Medrano/USA (Bearded Eye Broad Axe)


I got excited as a schoolchild the other day when I saw a distinctly shaped package arrive in the mail — my broad axe from Northmen finally arrived. This hand forged broad axe is truly a piece of artwork. I’ve yet to actually swing it, so it is safely stored in a place of honor in the house (not in the tool shed, because it is such a wreck right now, and the new shed isn’t finished yet). My first impressions — wow, it’s really lightweight! It feels very balanced, and just really nice to hold in one’s hands. The edge is amazingly sharp, and looks like a glassy mirror. The attention to detail is fantastic. This is what crafsmanship looks like.

Brian Ziggy/USA (Bearded Eye Broad Axe)


For my Bundaxt, I do not often have to sharpen it, it is wonderful. I might have to sharpen my American axe every day or even twice a day, but this axe can go for several days without needing it.

David Bahler/USA, member of the Timber Framers Guild (German Style Squaring Axe)


I received the chisels today and extremely pleased with my purchase! I plan to purchase the 1" corner chisel soon and maybe the 1" chisel. Kind regards.

Kirk/USA (Framing Chisels, Framing Slick) 


An axe has arrived today, it's wonderful! Great quality and design, awesome ornament on blade and accurate leather work. Many thanks!

George/Russia (Squaring axe) 


The chisels just arrived! The steel is high quality. Made some practice cuts and the edges held up nicely. Will start using the tools next week on my cabin project.

Sandor Nagy, “Nagy Timber Frames”/ USA (Framing Chisels) 


Wow! Tools just came in. Really nice, I'm very impressed. Can't wait to use them. Thanks, and if you ever need a referral for future customers, I'd be happy to let people know the excellent quality of these tools. Have a Merry Christmas! 

Eric Laufter/USA (Framing Chisels and Framing Slick)


Just to let you know that the axe arrived safe and sound and to say thanks for making such a superb job in creating this axe and even making  the humble log dogs a little special. Every part of it is a tribute to your skills and understanding of your craft. I am looking forward to the next project when they can be put to good use. I am sure we will be discussing more tools in the future. Best Regards.

Barry James, “Barry James Carpentry & Construction” /UK (Squaring Axe, Log dogs)


The tools arrived yesterday. What can i say, beautiful tools with excellent steel! i've been using the slick in my shop and it works great. Once the weather clears i'll try squaring up a log or two with the axe.

Sandor Nagy, “Nagy Timber Frames”/ USA (Framing Slick, Broad Axe)


Awesome set of chisels.

Jordan King/UK (Set of 5 framing chisels)


I got to do some cutting with that slick. Cuts like a beauty! Factory edge is superb and has great balance and control. I got to use it in front of a customer, shaving the top of a joist that was a little high. At first he asked me if I wanted his power planer. A couple of passes with the slick made him a believer!

Sean Hyland , “Hyland Timber Framing”/USA (Framing Slick 3")


Tools arrived safely, they are excellent. Thank you for your very good service.

Nigel Watson/UK (Set of 5 framing chiels, carpenters axe, curved adze)


Axe has just arrived! I gave him name - Stalwart. What a magnificent piece of kit! It is even better than I imagined it would be. Many, many thanks - I am one happy little puppy!! Cheers, Colin.

Collin/UK (John Neeman Northerner Forest Axe)


Hi, i just received my axe today. Thank you very much, I am delighted with it. I'll be getting out soon to give it a go. Thanks again. Andy

Andy White/UK (John Neeman Hatchet)


I love the tools,they are awesome! The goosewing is a beast and the weight doesnt badder me.Its a good feeling to swing a 14inch blade like that, it goes in just like butter.

Alex/Canada (Bearded Eye Broad Axe, Goosewing hewing axe,Log Dogs)


A beautiful axe.

Megy/UK (Carpenters Axe)


I recieved my chisels today. I’d just like to say thank you, to everyone involded. Can’t wait to start using them.

Martin Bolduc/Canada (Set of 5 framing chisels)


This hatchet was given to me as a wedding gift by my brother-in-law after he found out how much I admired the work of Northmen. It was a truly awesome gift. Thank you for your craftsmanship and inspiration.

Robert Feisley/USA (Small Northerner Hatchet)


Received yesterday morning. It's very beautiful and I'm very pleased. Thank you.

Jonathan Blackburn/UK (Timber Framing chisel 2”)


Oh My God! The Axe is absolutely the most incredible tool I have ever held in my hands!  I can't believe you even inscribed the haft with my name! I love it.  I can't wait to use it.  Tonight, however, it sleeps with me next to my bed.  My wife understands... if you can believe it.  I take a real relationship with my tools, and this one is by far the most special one!  I can't wait for you to make the others I am waiting for.  Good luck you guys! Many thanks again. George

George Arnolds/USA (Carpenters axe)


I just received the axe, it is absolutely perfect I couldn't be happier. The pictures do not do it justice it looks awesome and feels great in the hand. Thank you so much for everything, you are incredible craftsman.  That was a nice touch putting my name on the handle I appreciate that. Thanks. Kevin

Kevin Vaccaro/USA (American felling axe)


My knife came in the mail today.  I thank you and John for producing such high quality cutting tools.  Both the knife and the Carpenters Axe will travel with me to the Forestry Forum Pig Roast, where many members will be able to admire your work.

Lynn Davis/USA (Carpenters axe, Scandi Brother #2 .Laminated)


I am very pleased I decided to order tools from you folks - they are without a doubt the finest I own.  The drawknife is a dream to use, and I've been using the Finnish Forest Axe to make a lean to, dovetailing the corners (admittedly using logs I'd sawn with a bandsaw mill).  I will send a few pictures when I'm done.  Thank you all for doing what you do. I'm glad with the global marketplace we're able to do business together. Sincerely, Adam .

Adam Pearsall/USA (American felling axe, FInnish forest axe, Carpenters Drawknife Large)


Thanks again for your good will and chisels you've gave me. Im really pleased, they are excelent piece of tool; just started to use them at work. Fantastic steel, holding its edge after sharpening, even after some hard work on knots etc. Really impressive.

Jan Ciechanowicz/Timber Framer/UK (Set of 3 Timber Framing Tools)


I just received the froe and the slick today. They look GREAT! The froe was beyond my expectations. I borrowed a Granfors Bruks froe a couple of months back, and I have to say that your froe just blows theirs out of the water. It's really evident that you pay attention to those little details that make all the difference.  The froe is incredibly beefy but so elegantly done, a really beautiful well done tool. The same goes for the slick. The beveled sides are a nice touch. The leather work on both guards looks great too.

Sean Hyland/Timber Framer/USA (Splitting Froe 14", 3" Framing Slick Beveled)


I got the tools yesterday. Thank you very much. They are not tool, they are art works! Excellent and incredibly beautiful. Thank you again for these wonderful tools. I'm really happy to have them. They are just a dream!

Bruno Vogt/Carpenter/Switzerland (American Felling Axe, Bundaxt, Set of 5 timber framing tools, 3 5/8" Framing slick)



I received my axes and they have exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is second to none, a work of art! Please pass on my thank you to all the craftsmen who had a hand in creating them. I look forward to further products from you and your team.

Kevin Stoneroad/USA (Baltic Viking’s Axe “Braveheart”, Viking Battle Axe, The Double Bladed Axe “Riverheart”)



I received your product today. Very nice. Excellent craftsmanship. A piece of art. Now I don't know if I should hang it on the wall, or build a cabin. Perhaps build the cabin then hang it on the wall.
Thanks for the product.

Thomas Bembenek/USA (Baltic Carpenters axe)



Last Thursday I got the Axe and the Knife.
What a beautiful work!
The knife is very... Words fail me! 
Thank you very much.

Marc Osman/France (Baltic Viking’s Axe “Braveheart”, Northlander Forest Axe ZDP189)



Just received it safe and sound. I'm absolutely speechless, this axe is so incredible, beautiful and capable. I am so lucky to have it! Stunning! When I saw the beautiful engraving it brought tears to my eyes. I'm grateful to you and your team for staying true to such high standards and ethics. I'm proudly presenting this to my wife of 25 years next month.
As a symbol of our journey and steadfast strength and love. I cannot thank you enough!

Brent Flemming/USA (Vikings Axe Braveheart Damascus)




Today I received my order, I must say it was worth the wait, I am very happy with both my tools!

Farhad Hosseinio/Netherlands (Timber Framing Slick 3”, Splitting froe 14”)



The package arrived today. My husband is thrilled and so am I. The tools are truly beautiful. My husband thinks the axe is too nice to use (but I know he will!). A sincere thank you to you and your team. I know now that it was completely worth the wait. 
My husband is already looking at your other offerings so I'm going to predict we'll be in touch again. 

Erin Mitchell/ Canada (Cleaver – Heavy Duty, Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart” Gloss)


My friend Jacob! I got my tools, and I can't express in words how happy I am! I've already started using them, and Wow! :) I'm so excited now for the next batch of tools I'll receive. I know this is a business, but still, I can't thank you enough for making these for me, they are perfect.
Thanking you again for your masterful craftsmenship! 

Coach Eric OKeefe/Canada (Timber Framing tools. Set of 5. Beveled edges)



Just received your Viking Battle Axe and am very pleased. Polish and finish are excellent!  Blade is very sharp as well.  Thank you for the nice work.

Peter Kibler/USA (Viking Battle Axe)


Great news!  The axe has arrived in Toronto Ontario Canada and it looks fantastic!
I want to thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship and thanks to all the men in the shop. 
We will be ordering some knives soon and some leather goods.  
Thanks again for what you do. 

Bruce Doan/Canada (Baltic Carpenters Axe)


Hi all the team...!
Parcel well arrived, they are beautiful ...
Tomorrow I will start my day by cutting wood ...

Oliver Blanchard/France (Baltic Viking’s Axe “Braveheart”, Northlander Forest Axe “Stalawart”, Viking Battle Axe)


I have received my Stalwart!  I am so excited!  My wife says that I'm not allowed to open it until Christmas but I guess another couple of weeks won't kill me. I plan on doing a video of the unboxing ceremony so I'll share it with you all when I get it done. I really, really, really appreciate you all working with my wife to get me such an incredibly wonderful Christmas gift!  I have drooled over your fine craftsmanship for several years and never thought I'd be the proud owner of one of your creations!  My wife may have informed you already but I'm an amateur blacksmith and have made a few miscellaneous knives and tools myself. I believe that is what brings such fond appreciation for the craft - especially yours!  Keep up the superior work and I'll be sending that video soon.  

I am so very thankful for this fine tool!  You are truly a group of skilled craftsmen with exceptional gifts!  The attention to detail is unparalleled and second to none! It was well worth the wait and I couldn't be any happier!  Thanks for arranging this with my wife and staying in contact with her over the year!  It is a wonderful blessing to own something of this quality and I am very proud to say it's mine! Perhaps in a few years I can add another one of your masterpieces to my collection - a man can dream can't he?  In the meantime I'll be admiring this beauty!  Thanks again to everyone who was involved!
I can't stop smiling!

Rob Kaufman/USA (Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”)


I got it! Thank you very much! It's best item which I have bought. I'll keep it long long time!


Sumiharu Morita/Tokyo (Leather belt)



Just wanna tell you that the northlander hatchet hit my place just in time on the 24th;) Was the best x mas gift this year. Thanks a lot once again for offering me this beautiful piece of masterwork.

Moritao Daniel Wilhelm/Germany (Northlander Hatchet. Gloss)



Just thought I'd let you know that my axe and hatchet arrived safely a couple days before Christmas. Very happy with them! 

Ronnie Robinson/USA (Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”, Northlander Hatchet)

I received the chisels and knife in the mail yesterday. They arrived in perfect condition! I am very happy with the quality of work you and your team have done! They are amazing!

Lucas Brown/Australia (Set of 5. Timber Framing Tools)


Hi Jacob,
waouw, how can I say...it's wonderful axe, thank you so much.
That's a Christmas gift !!!! Just arrived in time. Many thanks.


Sébastien Jacques/Belgium (Viking Battle Axe)


Everything arrived, thank you! Perfect work and quality, I'm thrilled. I'll definitely will do more orders!
Kind regards and a blessed Christmas. 

Ferdinand Heisig/Germany (Baltic Viking’s Axe “Braveheart”, Cleaver-Heavy Duty, Leather. Double Tangue)

The items arrived in good order and they're amazing as always. Thanks for sending them so quickly. 

Darren Isaacs/USA (Baltic Carpenters Axe, Large Scandi Leuku knife)



Thank you very much, the axe has arrived. It’s a very good job.

Anna Maria Chiaretto/Italy (Viking Battle Axe)



Hi Jacob. Many thanks, they arrived over the weekend and are absolutely wonderful. Many thanks to yourself and the rest of the crew for such wonderful instruments.

Hugo Fountain/United Kingdom (Set of 3, Kitchen knives)



Thanks - package and axes well received. Awesome. I bet you hear customers struggle to use them they look so good. But thats a shame. They'll certainly be used. Wonderful balance. I'll be making an order for another full size axe.

Steven Anderson/Netherlands (Northlander Forest Axe “Stalwart”. Gloss, Northlander Hatchet. Gloss)


Paldies, Jēkab par tik neticami ātru servisu! Biju jau samierinājusies, ka dāvana vīram būs tkai pēc Ziemassvētkiem :) Lieliski! Veiksmi darbos!

Liene Kļaviņa/Austrija (Leather belt. Double tongue)



Paldies! Saņēmu. Josta ir brīnišķīga!! :)


Alise Dambeniece/Latvija (Leather belt. Single tongue)


I have well received the package today. Once opened package, I cannot help falling in love with the knife. 
This is really amazing, and it is really inspiring me.
Thank you very much for your hard working, as an Art. And I will contact you again for new order in near future (a gift).

Jea-Gwan Kim/Korea (Hunters Knife. Damascus & Turkish Walnut Burl)

Thank you, I have received the two belts, they are very well made. I hope to wear them a long time.

Benjamin Mebold/France (Leather belts. Singule tongue)



My name is Petros and I am writing to you from Berlin. I am from Greece and I live in Germany since 2009. Please excuse my not perfect English writing, I would prefer to write in Greek but I am sure you wouldn’t understand a word! Today I was about to start working, I am a web designer, when I came across your video “The Birth of a Tool”. I love watching videos of handmade tools. After that I visited your website and finally I came across video of your house building. I am astonished! You see, my dream is to have a wooden house like yours up in a mountain. I found the place, in Kissavos mountain in Greece next to Olympus mountain with a view in see. As Greek, sea is very important to me! I have a lot of ideas how it will be, with a small shop in the back where I can start working with wood. I would be blessed if I could help building the house but unfortunately I am sitting in a wheelchair since I was 15 years old after an accident I had in the sea back in Greece. But this unfortunate event will not stop me and I will build this house even if my contribution of personal work wouldn’t be too much. My brother who shares the same dream with me of having a wooden house and who is also studied wood technology and furniture design, will take my place. He is really good in working with wood and with his own hands. Exactly like your philosophy - that working with hands is very important and something that people forget, I believe that people also forget how to communicate. I think expressing your admiration to some stranger is very human. To be motivated from the achievements of someone else and feel thankful is a great thing and I believe that when this happens we should share it. So this is the purpose of this writing. Just to express my admiration of your work. You have built a great nest there and your family is very lucky and blessed with it. I feel very motived today and I thank you very much for that. Your work will be always a great source of inspiration till I have my own wooden house standing. 



I have received my belt and it is wonderful! I wanted to thank you for you work, it is impeccable!


Daniel Tabet/Canada (Leather belt. Single tongue) 



The tools arrived today, and I have to say, that's the finest workmanship I've ever seen. They're absolutely beautiful.
Cam says they're everything he imagined they would be.
Thank you again for all of your help. I'm looking forward to our next purchase already!


Caitlin Brensinger/USA (Timber Framing Tools. Beveled edges. Set of 3)



The knife was delivered today. It was well worth the long wait, and I'm sure my nephew will treasure it all his life. Please convey my thanks and admiration to everyone at Northmen.


Charles Pregaldin/USA (Hunters knife. Elmax & Turkish Walnut Burl)

The parcel reached a moment ago.....
Rarely seen a parcel made with such attention!
First impression about the knife is definitely one of something made with great care, a big knife for a 5" blade and a thing of beauty ! Overall, very beautiful knife. Thank you.
Please convey my thanks and gratefulness to the maker.

Marc Baudin/France (Hunter knife. Elmax)


Last Saturday I picked up a package from post office. Guys the look of your tool just make me speechless than happy, proud etc. !!! Only because English is my second language I don't know how to describe my feelings in full. WOW ! This axe is like a piece of art... literally. I don't know if I'll ever use it for something different than display purposes, probably I won't split a piece of wood with it :-) Just every detail of this axe is perfect and extraordinary!
For all of you I'm sending huge virtual hugs and thanks for such a beautiful work. 
I only hope that in nearest future I'll have a chance to purchase some more tools from you. Good luck to you!

Greg Swiderek/USA (Viking Battle Axe)


OH MY GOD! Jacob and crew, you are AMAZING! The knife not only showed up being a perfect piece of craftmanship, it arrived here on my husbands birthday!!! What timeing!!! THANK you so much for Everything. This whole Project has been a delight and we are totally blown away over your skills. My husband is very much in to wildlife, nature  and wildlife tools. He now has completly stopped looking for knifes, feeling he has the best and most beautiful knife there is, and the only one he will ever need in his entire life.
Thank you so much!

Best regards from extremely happy costumers in Sweden.


Maria & Mats Johansson/Sweden (Hunters knife. Damascus)


I just want to tell you that I received the first belt today.
Looks amazing!
Please tell your all team that their work is amazing!

Clara Rotsaert/Austria (Leather belt. Double tongue)



Received my axe yesterday.
Looks great. Better than I expected. You guys did a great job as always. 
Really appreciate the hard work. The Wait was worth it.
I have bought the archer arm guard and tan axe from you guys.
No I am just waiting on my knife…
Super excited for the knife.
Can’t wait till you guys ship that one out.
Appreciate all the work you guys did.

Nima Masoudian/USA (Baltic Carpenters Axe)



This is just a quick note to say, "Thank you!" for your Damascus steel YouTube video. Really amazing.

Dan Grigsby

Received the tools and they look AMAZING!!!! Worth the wait... thank you everyone for an amazing product.

Yair Tapia/USA (Baltic Finnish Broad Axe. Double Beveled, American Felling Axe, Northlander Hatchet I)


The knife cuts perfect thanks.

Ruud De Groot/Netherlands (Finnish Pukko. Damascus)



I wanted to tell you your package arrived in fine order.  I am, of course, thrilled with the belts. Again, many, many thanks for your quality and attention to detail.  I will have these for the rest of my life.

John Lowe/USA (Leather belts. Single Tongue)



The chisel & the mallet were received by me today, October 12th after you despatched them on October 6th, in just six days! Record time, and on par with all your other excellent service standards! The chisel looks magnificent, a true work of art, and I'm sure it will perform as well as it looks. The mallet looks better than in the picture on your website. 
Thanks again for everything to you and your great Crew. So, on to my next order, about which I will let you know soon.

Ajit Dey/(Timber Framing Chisel 2”, Timber Framing Mallet)


Greetings, Crew. A small story... Moment by moment feeling emptier and more discouraged by my truly meaningless employment, pushing papers around in an office, in a business of little real use and less integrity; 49 and going nowhere except older, I began watching YouTube videos about Self Sufficiency. Gardening. Spoon carving. Knife and axe sharpening. I happened upon Wranglerstar, evidently a popular homesteading family who provide a daily diary to the world. Mr. Wranglerstar hailed your axes as being among the very best, and also spoke highly of your videos - and that is why I am writing. In five decades I have never been brought to tears by an advertisement. I just watched The Birth Of A Tool Part 1, Axe Making. NOT an ad, of course. It is a quiet journey. The beauty of this video... it is simply this: Perfect. Breath-taking, from the gorgeously filmed step by step processes to the song you chose to accompany it. I sat watching, jaw dropped - what a craft, what an ART, forging that steel; then your carpenter building the handle, then your leather worker making the sheathe! And suddenly I was crying. This. THIS is what I wish my life could be. Or rather what I wish my life HAD been, because as a 49 year old woman it is too late to go down the road you all are traveling so wonderfully. My request: Please bring others along into your path, teach your skills, your art, to those in Latvia of course, but possibly also to apprentices from elsewhere who long to learn what you know. This is what the world needs. YOU are what the world needs. So much more of this, so many more of you. REAL work. Meaningful, honest, beautiful, lasting work. The ache in my heart is overwhelming. I wish all of you Joy. 

Lynn Damsgaard


I got the axe, and it is way beyond my expectations. I can see and feel the hard work and the passion put into it. 
It is great, a perfect fit, and it gets the job done efficiently.
Thanks again, and congratulations to the whole crafting team.


Alexandre Pitiont/France (Bearded Viking’s Axe “Defender”)



Kia ora! Greetings from New Zealand. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so much of your journey online. I really enjoyed learning about your work this afternoon. Jacob your house building project is wonderful, but I think the business/cultural work you are doing is also really special on lots of levels. You are putting Latvia on the map for a whole new group of people. Well done! I look forward to following your work and ordering some of your craftwork soon. I am part of a collective here in New Zealand but we are more in the technology space, still I can empathise with how much it takes to collaborate and build a narrative and brand together. Keep going! You've inspired me to sharpen my chisels and make something again. All the best.


Billy Matheson


The tool bag landed today. Outstanding peace of work!! 

Jason Lycett



Milzīgs paldies par fantastisko darbu! 
Ar vārdiem to nenodot. 
Es pats un mani draugi, visi gāžās no kājām to redzot.... 
Prognozēju Jums drīzumā vēl kādu klientu :) 

Vilnis Jansons/Latvija (Finnish Puuko. Damascus)


I received my knives today and they are beautiful. I'm so grateful for the care and craftsmanship put in the knives. An nice touch!

Trevor Squire/USA (Hunters knives. Damascus)


Got the knife today and I couldn't be happier, it is a true work of art and a tool I will treasure and enjoy.  

Scott Anthony/USA (Cleaver – Heavy Duty)


I have been a cabinetmaker for almost 40 years and as I watched you build you home I was awe struck! I could be your apprentice :). Great job and a wonderful family! I had 8 children 6 girls and 2 boys and they all worked with me in the cabinet shop. Again great job and amazing skills! Best Regards.

Joseph Soap Lake/Washington


Greetings to all. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in the Northmen process. It is a pleasure doing business with yourselves. The business model of ordering and waiting for the products to be hand crafted and delivered is a rewarding experience of delayed satisfaction. A little forethought is all that is required. The products received in my last two orders are a wonderful combination of both function and art. They are regarded not just as tools, but also as perfect examples of quality craftsmanship that has long since disappeared with modern race-to-the-bottom manufacturing processes. The tools are purchased with the desire to support small enterprise that allows individuals to follow their dreams and live the lifestyle of their choosing. I value them for the tools they have been crafted into as I use them on my current projects, but more importantly, as heirlooms to pass down to my children along with knowledge and skills as we develop their love of wood as a family. That makes them priceless. 

Ron Young/Canada (Chairmakers Drawknife, Carpenters Drawknife. Medium)


I am happy to see you all are continuing to place videos and photos on the web.  Knives, bows, and axes.  They're all great.  You mentioned a phrase when writing back to me months ago.  "Keep your craft strong".  That line has been rolling through my head ever since.  I've used it in letters, notes, and emails to friends who are in various trades and skills.  Others have taken to it as well.  It is a great motivation to carry on the skills we have gained over the years.
You and your crew of craftsmen have been an inspiration to my own work.  I am now seeking out a plot of land to build a new shop on, and there after a home and barn for horses and oxen.  Hopefully all will be in a traditional Polish/German fashion which is my families heritage.  Please continue to inspire.

Matthew Schofield/USA


I just wanted to say that the Braveheart Axe was received sometime ago and I gave it to my wife for our anniversary last week, she love it!!
I would like to thank you and your team for the craftsmanship involved, it is a truly amazing piece.

Gareth McConnell/Australia (Baltic Viking’s Axe “Braveheart”)


Damn nice knife guys.  What angle do you guys sharpen your knives at so I can maintain the angle when I have to sharpen it for the first time?
I have 24 year old sons that are twins and your knife was so damn impressive that they are already fighting over who gets it when I'm gone....hehe.  
Guess I'm going to have to purchase another one from you guys to end the fight. 
And do it soon....just in case.  
Love your work.  Thanks for adding beauty and function to my life.


Gregory Clark/USA (Scandi Brother #3. Damascus)



Hello I received my axe today and I must say I am very pleased. The picture on the internet do look good, but having it in your hand and seeing the quality and craftsmanship is awesome. My very highest regards to all of you at Northmen and I will be spreading the word of your great work. I look forward to ordering another type of axe from you in the future. Keep up the good work and best regards.

Brent L. Johnson/USA (Baltic Viking’s “Braveheart”)


Thank you, I received knives. I like them very much. Hope to have business with you in the futher.

Ercument Dagistanli/Turkey (2 Bowie knives “White wolf” ZDP-189, Northlander Hatchet Gloss, Butchers Axe, Leather belt. Double tongue)









Ordering is opened for wildlife knives, timber framing tools, longbows, kitchen tools, drawknives & froes, leather belts.


From January 2017 John Neeman Tools has become a guild of northern master craftsmen - NORTHMEN

It is the revival of a medieval tradition.
It is our dedication to craftsmanship.

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