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Longbow "Livonia" 1

“Livonia” is a classic longbow. It is a traditionally designed bow with moderate deflex-reflex to give excellent speed and accuracy, with almost no hand shock. The bow is very forgiving to shoot and still maintains a traditional looking shape. It fits WA, IFAA, EFAA and NFAS rules. It has won European Indoor Archery 2013 championship in Spain - 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. These bows are most used for hobby shooting. 

The longbow technical performance is still efficient and precise when used for hunting or competition needs as classical longbow.  It comes in 64-70”. Draw weight optimal on 29” draw length longbow is 68”. The bow comes with maple or bamboo limbs and exotic wood veneers with single or double power carbon layers. The bow comes with a bow string made of an Astro Flight material. Every bow is truly custom made by our crew member - bowyer and archer Mr. A. Vilister. Each bow is packaged and shipped in a special wooden box to ensure safe shipping.


Longbow "Livonia" 1

Longbow length: 64" - 70"

Draw weight: 25 - 60 lbs

Draw length: 25" - 32"

Riser: Polisander, Wenge

Limbs: Maple or Bamboo

Bow weight: 1.9 lbs (900 grams)


Quantity (max. 2)  

Price: $785/£644/€746

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